Branch Clothing / Loan Items


Black sweat shirt

Black sweat shirt, T Shirt or Polo shirt

Branch Clothing

NOC Yorkshire Branch branded embroidered clothing is ordered as required by branch members but usually as a group purchase. The first image above shows one style from an earlier supplier, the current style is the one with the large white rose.

Current Supplier details:

Label and Print Co

Loan Items

  • Magneto electronic timing device
  • Engine pinion puller
  • 4 gauge vacuum gauge set
  • Piston ring compressors (range 40mm to 85mm)
  • Adjustable timing light
  • Digital tachometer
  • Valve spring compressor
  • Assorted ‘special’ spanners
  • Commando clutch compressor
  • Cylindical honing kit (18mm to 89mm range)
  • NOC DVD – Heavyweight twins engine rebuild
  • NOC DVD – Gearbox rebuild
  • NOC DVD – Rotary Engine Video Workshop
  • NOC DVD – Pushrod Singles Engine Rebuild
  • Endoscope
  • Exhaust gas analyser
  • Oil pressure tester with various adaptors
  • Commando / Dominator Rocker spindle extraction tool
  • Norton Owners Club tent
  • Event shelter

Note a £10 deposit is required for any item loaned, loans need to be organised by contacting Russ Ward ( Loans are only made to branch members.